Logen - Offline Partial Evaluation System for Prolog



LOGEN is an offline partial evaluation system for Prolog written using the so called "cogen approach". Basically, the cogen is a system which:

  1. based upon an annotated version of the program to be specialised produces a specialised partial evaluator for that program. This partial evaluator is called a generating extension.
  2. the generating extension can be used to specialise the program in a very efficient manner.


01st September 2004
Uploaded new linux download see changelog for details
26th August 2004
Added a draft of some manual pages for the Logen System
26th August 2004
Logen Automatic Binding Time Analysis Paper Presented at Lopstr04 See publications for more information
20th August 2004
Added some first versions of PyLogen system for download. Some bugs fixed, please contact authors if you have any installations problems (especially on OSX, where we hope to update the instructions shortly)


screenshot would be here


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