The arena of Verona
Workshop on Software Analysis and Development for Pervasive Systems
August 24, 2004 - Verona (Italy)          
SONDA   2004
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The emergence of the PC has undoubtedly affected our lives in many ways. A vast amount of research in electronics and computing has led to these computing devices playing a major role in modern business, industry and consumer products. But these devices are becoming considerably smaller, cheaper, and more abundant. In other words, they are becoming Pervasive Systems. Nowadays, computing power is a feature not only of desktop devices. Mobile phones, PDAs, and many electronic gadgets currently possess enough computing power and communication ability to produce a major technological shift in the way software is developed.

In the context of pervasive computing it is crucial to make efficient use of computing resources. While the tendency of current Software Engineering is to produce bloated systems built from libraries, Pervasive System developers are at the boundary of available computing resources. Therefore, tools and techniques for Pervasive Systems design have to take optimisation to its limits and carefully analyse the design throughout its entire length.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from many areas of Hardware or Software Engineering. We welcome not only contributions on Pervasive Systems design, but also on Analysis, Verification and Optimisation at both high and low level code. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Program Transformation, Partial Evaluation,
  • Resource-oriented specialisation, Dynamic Power Management,
  • Abstract Interpretation,
  • Formal Verification, Model Checking,
  • Declarative Programming, (Constraint) Logic Programming,
  • Low-level code issues

With application to:

  • Pervasive Environments, Ambient Intelligence,
  • Embedded Systems,
  • Devices with limited resources (PDAs, phones, . . . )